Where is my Order?

A: We know you are eager to get your items! We work tirelessly to ensure it gets out to you as quickly as possible. All of our custom Apparel items such as Shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, Mugs, Cell Cases are Custom Print to Order right here in the USA. This means it is made specifically made for you and shipped out right away. All of our Jewelry and Accessory items are sourced from international partners and markets all over the globe as far as Peru, India, Sri Lanka, China, Morocco. 


Apparel Items - 2-3 Business days to Custom Print and 3-5 Business days for delivery. All of our items are fully tracked using USPS tracking and you will be emailed your tracking information as soon as it leaves our warehouse in Sioux Falls. 

Jewelry Items - Such as Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and all of our other accessories are sourced from our partners all over the globe! We work hard to find the best suppliers offering unbelievable prices for all of our jewelry and accessories. Please expect a turn around of 1-3 weeks for these items to reach you. 

My Items Arrived At Different Times?

A: We custom print on demand to your specifications right here in the USA. We ship all of our Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs and Cell much quicker than some of our globally sourced jewelry and accessories. Don’t worry if your shirts/hoodies/mugs/cellcases arrive before your bling!

We make sure we get items out to you as soon as humanly possible! That means you might get separate deliveries. This in NO way affects your already fantastic shipping rates and everything will arrive to you as fast as possible. Plus, anyways ... more deliveries just means more of getting that warm fuzzy feeling when you get a new delivery present! Riiiiiight Hehe 

I Need To Return My …

A: We make all of our custom apparel items custom print to order. This means, when we receive your order we print, pre shrink, pack and ship that specific item just for you! This however lends itself to making it difficult to take on spot exchanges for sizing errors. Hence why we really stress that you take a good look at the sizing chart and when in doubt order a size up so that you can ensure it fits. 

Although we don't do a flat exchange for size errors, we do understand mistakes happen. If you have received an item that does not fit please send us an email to support@lovequotesapparel.com and we can work something out to get things right. This sometimes means helping you with a re order by using a gift card or a special offer. 

If however, for any reason your package arrives damaged, mis printed, or incorrect we will replace that item for you 100% priority shipping. Again just get in contact us at support@lovequotesapparel.com and we will make sure you are happy.

What's My Size?

In case you missed it above. Check Your Size HERE! We always recommend that if you are unsure you order a size up just to be safe! 

Free + Shipping: Some of your Products are $0.00 … How the? What the? 

A: You may see some special limited time offers with promotional products priced at $0.00.  No this is not an error and no you do not have to go get your eyes checked! Occasionally we put special blasts out where we put up a limited number of products for NO cost. All you have to do is cover the shipping costs. When you see one of these pop up grab it quick! They don’t usually last long.

 Please note - ALL FREE + Pay Only Shipping products may not be used in conjunction with any additional special promo’s or discount codes.

If You Have any Further Questions Please Contact Us Anytime